Related Services

Here are some of the other services that we offer.

Private Skating Lessons

If you are interested in learning to ice skate for fun or recreation, or if you just want to build your skating skills to become a figure skater or hockey player, we are able to offer private skating lessons at your convenience and desired schedule. These lessons are provided exclusively by qualified instructors approved by the organization. They are experienced and qualified professionals that can easily adjust their level of instruction depending on your personal needs goals.

Specialty Classes

We offer specialty classes on the following: spin, jump technique, moves in the field, and edges. Spin lessons provide skaters with the opportunity to learn a range of spins beyond their test level. Jump technique lessons are designed to help students build the skills needed for axels, double, and triple jumps. This program will also cover exercises that are designed to increase rotational speed and air position.

Moves in the Field classes are designed to help to prepare skaters to test the US Figure Skating edge tests called "Moves in the Field.” Low Edge classes are designed to help students work on edge and balance exercises.

Specialized Hockey Classes

The most important asset in becoming a successful hockey player is strong skating skills. This program will focus on balance and power along with puck control, shooting, passing, and positioning in game situations. The classes will be taught by seasoned professional hockey players. Some of the important skills that will be taught in this program are: the correct way to push off their blades to get maximum speed, front and back crossovers, pivots, edges, quick turns, stops, and transitioning. This is not a basic class, and students should already have completed their basic skating skills classes.

Rent the Rink

Our rinks are a great place to hold your next party. Hourly rates vary per rink, time of year and day of the week. Skating parties for your friends, church socials, scouts, clubs, or corporate groups are always popular and well attended. Times can be rented in a minimum of a one hour slot and then 1/2 hour increments added to the first hour if the time is available.