Some Skating Games on Ice

Here are some of the most popular recreational and competitive skating games that are played on ice.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a game between two teams, each typically with six players. It is a contact sport played on ice, usually on a rink. The two competing teams use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber disk, called the puck, past a goal line and into their opponent's net which is guarded by a goaltender or goalie to obtain points. Ice hockey is known to be a fast-paced and physical sport, and has become popular internationally, especially in Canada. It is also an Olympic sport.

Speed Skating

Speed skating is essentially racing on ice. It was developed in the Netherlands, and is a competitive sport where the participants race each other to travel a particular distance on ice skates. International speed skating takes place in a course with straight sides and curved ends with the a radius that does not necessitate a slackening of speed. The blade used for the modern speed skate tends to be longer and thinner compared to that of the hockey or figure skate.

Figure Skating

Figure skating is a sport where ice skaters, singly or in pairs, perform freestyle movements of jumps, spins, lifts, and footwork gracefully. The name comes from the patterns or figures that the skaters create on the ice There are different types of figure skating, such as freestyle, pairs, ice dance, and synchronized team skating. The blade for figure skating typically has a groove on the bottom creating two distinct edges.


Bandy is a form of hockey played on ice, in which skaters use sticks to direct a ball into the opposing team's goal. Ringette is a team sport which uses a blue rubber pneumatic ring and unlike hockey, it does not entail the use of intentional body contact as a strategic aspect. Tour skating is recreational long distance ice skating on natural ice, usually done over open ice on lakes or sea. Barrel jumping is a form of speed skating, where skaters accelerate to jump over a series of lined up barrels.