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We offer a tried and tested method of instruction for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced skater.  

About Us

Inline Sports was founded because of the need for more family-oriented activities in the local community of Prague. Public sessions and learn-to-skate classes introduced parents and children alike to the fundamentals of ice skating in a fun and relaxed environment. Inline Sports supports the development and health benefits associate with skating. The organization continues to develop effective programs designed to teach and train skaters from all skill levels.

Our Services

Below are the list of services that we offer.

Skating School for Children

We offer a unique opportunity for our youngest new skaters to learn basic skating skills that become progressively more difficult as they complete each level. The kids learn a progression of basic skills so that they can be gain confidence, discipline, and knowledge which are necessary to the higher levels of ice hockey and figure skating. All students will be evaluated regularly and moved up when they are ready. Upon completion of six basic levels in this program, the students will have a deeper understanding of the sport, enabling them to advance to more specialized areas of skating.

Skating School for Adults

The Skating School for Adults is designed to promote overall fitness and improve balance and coordination while mastering skating basics. It is designed to teach the fundamentals of skating to individuals aged 15 and up who have little to no skating experience. This program has six levels, and the students can work at their own pace. The goal of the program is to make skaters feel more comfortable and confident on the ice, and equip them with all the skills necessary to take them to the program and level they are aiming for.

Figure Skating Training Program

Inline Sports is pleased to offer the most comprehensive figure skating training program in the country. This all-inclusive training program includes a full schedule of freestyle, field moves and ice dance sessions, an on-ice specialty class, off-ice conditioning and dance classes and U.S. Figure Skating test sessions. Students are also able to choose which package suit their individual training requirements best.

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Inline Sports

Inline Sports is local skating school in Prague dedicated to teaching ice skating to individuals of all skill levels. We offer a tried and tested method of instruction for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced skater. Our students are grouped according to age and ability and class sizes are deliberately kept small to ensure individual attention for each student. We focus on ensuring that our students receive quality instruction, while still having fun.
We offer a wide range of opportunities for skating including single skating, synchronized skating, ice dance, and hockey. All sports are professionally coached by experienced trainers. Our goal is to help skaters feel more comfortable and confident on the ice, teach them safety guides and tips, and help them learn all the necessary skills to help students advance to the skating level they are aiming for.

Why Ice Skating?

Ice skating is an sport that helps develop balance, strength, confidence, social skills, and many other benefits. Participants often report seeing considerable improvements in their posture, balance, flexibility, coordination, muscle strength, and endurance. However, ice skating does not only bring benefits for one’s physical health and fitness. It also teaches individuals about goal-setting and the importance of pursuing excellence. It offers young kids an opportunity to build their self-confidence and self-esteem as well as cultivate a more positive outlook in life.
Inline Sports is committed to providing a quality ice skating program for the recreational to advanced skaters. We always aim to create an enjoyable experience for our students and instill in them a life-long love for the sport.

Our Mission

Inline Sport offers skating classes for all levels and ages. Our goal is to help everyone learn about the physical and emotional rewards of recreational skating as well as offer constructive opportunities to learn, practice, and compete as speed skaters, figure skaters, and hockey players. We provide a safe, healthy, and fun atmosphere which will give students a positive experience and instill in them a life-long love of the sport. You can use some aliexpress coupon for electronics and save big when you shop online for your skating gear.

Through quality instruction, training programs, sanctioned competitions, and recreational opportunities, Inline Sports aims to encourage individual development, the attainment of goals for athletic success, health and fitness, and personal enjoyment for people of all ages, skill levels, and interests related primarily to skating. “Get the best offers with 18 jaar zorgverzekering zilveren kruis” or get the best offers with 18 years health insurance silver cross which you will need in case of injuries while training.

Our Instructors

Most of our instructors have taught at the school for more than a decade, on top of being former or current professional figure skaters and athletes. Some of them have also competed nationally and internationally and have coached current competitors. They are professionals who are committed to their work of educating the students and ensuring that they have a memorable and fun experience while learning. More than just teaching skating skills, they also aim to make skating an enjoyable activity that can help build the student’s confidence with themselves and their abilities. Big saving are for grabs with black friday car deals when you attend trainings in other locations.

Inline Sports instructors believe in sharing their love of the sport with the students. They motivate students to set goals, to achieve, to work hard, to stay focused, to train for their personal best, and to enjoy what they are doing. Online tutorials on how to purchase traffic for my website is a great help when you are not a tech savvy person.

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